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Shop hourly rate is $150.00 to $250.00 

Depending on artist.

Shop minimum rate is at $100.00

And all deposits are none refundable. 


Piercing removal- 15$

Ear piercing (one) with labret-65$

Ear piercing (both) with labret -105$

Nostril with nostril jewelry-55$

Navel with curved B.b jewelry-70$

Lip with labret- 65$

Septum w septum retainer 55$

Surface Anchor and surface anchor jewelry-  95$

Dermal with anchor and clear cz-80$

Industrial with Barbell-65$

Tongue with barbell- 55$

Rook with curved barbell-70$

Daith w circular Barbell- 70$

Helix with labret- 65$

Forward helix with labret- 65$

Conch with labret- 65$

Tragus with labret-65$

Bridge with Barbell-55$

Eyebrow with curved barbell-65$

Nipple (one) with Barbell- 55$

Nipple (both) with Barbell- 100$

Genitals- 50$

Total price varies on the type of jewelry 

Earlobe stretch- 45$

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