Dirty Lou | Tattoo Artist

Monday – Friday: 2pm-10pm


Luis Avitia is from the heart of Chicago. He grew up as a nomad, moving more times than you can count hot summers in the Windy City. Luis has been interested in art since childhood and was influenced by graffiti as a form of self-expression. These passions for art lead him to tattooing, which Luis has been doing since his first tattoo on his bother, Juan, over a decade ago. He never imagined pursuing a career in tattooing. Luis’s passion for art gives him great satisfaction for many reasons, namely the connection of machine and human eternal mechanics. He also finds satisfying the ability to use his artistic gift to have fun in his career. His primary goal is to care for his family; his secondary goal is to lead a masterpiece for the world, as an individual and as a whole. Luis’s nickname is Dirty, but his professionalism and tattoo procedures are sparkling.






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